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Hair replacement solution


Hair replacement solution


Hair replacement solution

just your style.always.

Hair replacement solution

Live. 100%

Neuspecially made
for the needs
of women

The unique hair replacement solution

Every woman should be able to enjoy life confi dentlyconfidently, and creatively express her own individual style. Every day, we, GFH, do our best to make this possible.With ContactSkin® FOR WOMEN, we have made human hair replacement dreams cometrue with a solution that is virtually indistinguishable from real hair in terms of appearance, styling and wearing comfort. For an all-round attractive feeling every day, at work and at leisure, while sleeping and while exercising!

The scalp membrane is just a few tiny micromillimeters thick, requiring the highest precision when woven with real hair. The result is a masterpiece consisting of an artificial scalp membrane and real, natural hair. Thanks to this incredibly thin membrane that neither shines nor reflects light, ContactSkin® cannot be seen or felt. ContactSkin® is also identical to natural hair in terms of hair growth direction and how the hair falls. This makes it a true alternative to hair transplant surgery and most definitely to common hairpieces

Examples of use for full hair replacement


"I wash, dry and style my hair as if it were my own. I often even forget that I am wearing ContactSkin®."


"Thanks to ContactSkin®, I can finally lead a totally normal, carefree life."

Examples of use for partial hair replacement


"With ContactSkin®, I can now decide when I feel like having a new look or hair color, just like I used to."

Preparation: Make a precision mould

#1 | Trace the front line using an eye pencil

#2 | Apply the skin-compatible adhesive to the bald area with a make-up sponge

#3 Roll on the cap from front to back.

#4 | Trim and style to achieve the desired look.

#1 | Before

#2 | The scalp is prepared with CS bonding shampoo and a peeling gel.

#3 | The front line is drawn using an eyeliner pencil.

#4 | The CS-Bond adhesive gel is applied using a make-up sponge.

#5 | The CS scalp membrane is now rolled onto the scalp from the back toward the front of the head.

#6 | The CS system is cut to exactly in order match the size of the bald area.

Alternative hair – Your advantages at a glance

Wearing comfort day& night

Toupet Alternative mit Tragekomfort

It makes life attractive again – when working out, when at work, when in bed, in daily life.

Washing & care just like
your very own hair

Haarsystem wie eigenes Haar

ContactSkin® is real hair and can be easily washed, dried and styled with special care products.

4-6 Weeks
Wearing Cycle

perfekter Tragekomfort mit Toupet Alternative

The comfortable disposable hair system guarantees that you will always have shiny, healthy and elastic hair.

No visible

Haaransatz statt Toupet

Thanks to the extremely thin “artificial scalp” and excellent skin compatibility, it looks and feels completely real. The extremely thin membrane allows your scalp to breathe.

Bonding System

Zweithaar mit festem Halt

The skin compatibility of the adhesive system ensures a strong and permanent hold so you know that your hair is secure. The adhesive properties are permanently water resistant.

Real Hair

Toupet Alternative mit Echthaar

The color is perfectly aligned to match that of your natural hair, you can choose what length your hair should be and in what direction it should fall.


Regelmäßiger Austausch

You visit the hairdressershair salon at regular intervals – you can decidechoose between the latest styling trends at each visit.

Size & Form
are made to measure

Haarteil perfekt maßgeschneidert

The individual adaptation to the “size of each problem zone” makes bald spots and receding hairlines absolutely invisible – irrespective of whether they are big or small.

To the

Your Visit to the
Alternative hair specialist

The easy and comfortable way to hair replacement

Just like others go to the hairdressers, you go to your local alternative hair specialist every four to six weeks. The visit only lasts about two hours and there is no pain involved whatsoever.

Die Technik für 30 Tage Halt

30 Tage ContactSkin®

  1. #1 Personalized advice for your exact needs
  2. #2 Cleaning of the scalp
  3. #3 Application of your exact hairpiece. Perfect alignment of where the hairpiece meets your own natural hair
  4. #4 Get the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming about for so long

Perfect care for your alternative hair

ContactSkin® hair care products have been developed in order to perfectly care for the special needs of your hair system. CREAM SHAMPOO | This special shampoo cleanses and cares for the hair implanted in the scalp membrane and the delicate scalp membrane itself. BALM CONDITIONER | Effective conditioner with deep and intensive caring effect.

Zweithaar Produktlinie für bessere Pflege des Haarteils

gfh - Gesellschaft für Haarästhetik
Your specialist for alternative hair

GFH is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers of high-quality hair replacement products. As an innovative manufacturer, it is always our challenge to produce products of the very highest standards. We are specialists in using natural hair to produce individual alternative hair and our decades of experience mean that we know exactly what our customers expect and what they want.

We have studios all over Europe – Your specialist for hair replacement

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