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Alternative hair

100% Self-confidence

Alternative hair

100% Self-confidence

Alternative hair

100% Self-confidence

Alternative hair


Alternative hair


Alternative hair

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Alternative hair


Alternative hair

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ContactSkin Speed®Self-adhesive scalp membrane - The fastest way to replace hair

No adhesive gel is applied to the scalp.
3 Innovations – Patented further enhancement


Longer and more secure hold

(up to 1 week)

  • 7 days
  • 7 days
  • 7 days
  • 7 days
  • 7 days
a service that is up to 25% faster than a standard toupee

A service that is up to 25% faster

Thanks to a self-adhesive quick-bonding system (no wet-glue process)


Up to 3 service intervals less each year

the time saving hair replacement

This is how the fast hair replacement ContactSkin Speed® works

The innovative ContactSkin SPEED® also offers a unique quick-bonding method in addition to the same and proven qualities of ContactSkin.

cleaning of the scalp

#1 | The area of the scalp onto which ContactSkin Speed® will be applied is intensively cleaned and prepared with a peeling gel and a bonding shampoo.

the adhesive hair piece gets prepared by the specialist studio

#2 | ContactSkin Speed® is prepared in accordance with the exact dimensions of your scalp by the experts in our specialist studio. The protective membrane is removed from the self-adhesive quick-bonding surface.

the adhesive force of ContactSkin holds more secure than alternative toupees

#3 | ContactSkin Speed® can now be very quickly applied to the scalp with it very strong adhesive strength. Our specialist will then perfectly align your new hair.

Application examples for full hair


ContactSkin® gave me back two very important things: my old sense of self-confidence and an attractive attitude towards life once again.


I couldn’t believe it myself how natural ContactSkin® looks. New people I get to know today have no idea that I wear a hair replacement system.


No one sees it, no one knows it – and I feel like a completely new person!


An active life, going out and getting to know new people without any inhibitions – all that is finally possible for me again!


I finally have hair again, I can wear any haircut I want and the most important thing is that it looks completely real.

Application examples for receding hairlines


The specialist hair studio makes an exact template of the receding hairline that needs to be covered. ContactSkin® is then used to entirely cover the individual bald areas and in a completely naturally looking way.


ContactSkin® solved my hair problem perfectly. Without my receding hairline, I now look as young as I actually am.

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