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Frequently asked questions about hair replacement

#1 | Can the skin breath with ContactSkin®?

The ContactSkin® hair membrane is just a few micro-millimeters thick and has extremely fine pores. These prevent any heat from accumulating and allow your scalp to breath.

#2 | Can I wear ContactSkin® in the swimming pool and in the sauna?

ContactSkin® can be worn in the sauna without any problems whatsoever, even salt water doesn't damage it any way. The adhesive gel is heat and water resistant and ensures an absolutely secure hold.

#3 | Is ContactSkin® available in all hair colors?

ContactSkin® is available in all common hair colors and your alternative hair specialist can also give your hair special effects such as a dark roots or colored strands.

#4 | Can I use a hairdryer to dry ContactSkin® hair?

Thanks to the fact that ContactSkin® is produced from real hair, you can blow-dry your hair as normal. ContactSkin® is also heat resistant just like your own natural hair.

#5 | How do I care for ContactSkin® hair?

With the specially developed hair care products, you can wash your as normal under the shower, dab it dry with a towel and then dry with the hairdryer.

#6 | How long must my own natural hair be?

Your own natural hair should be at least 1 cm long; this ensures an invisible and natural-looking transition from ContactSkin® to your own hair.

#7 | Can I choose the length and thickness of hair I want with ContactSkin®?

ContactSkin® simulates the natural hair volume of a Central European male as standard. The length and thickness can be adapted to meet your individual personal preference.

#8 | Can I still wear ContactSkin® even if I have residual hair?

It is possible because ContactSkin® is exactly adapted to the area where you have gone bald or where your hair is thinning or receding. The residual hair will be shaven off in order to apply the scalp membrane.

#9 | How much does ContactSkin® cost?

For those testing or newcomers to ContactSkin®, the FAIR TEST package is perfect. With our fair test package, you can try out ContactSkin® for one month at a cost of just € 399* (ContactSkin Speed € 459*).

Once you have been convinced by the quality of ContactSkin®, you can then simply conclude a contract over 6, 12 or 24 months. Please agree the costs involved individually with your particular ContactSkin® specialist hair studio.

*The services provided in the specialist hair studio are invoiced separately: The cutting to shape of the ContactSkin®, hair membrane, the alignment with your own natural hair and the securing of the hair membrane on your scalp. The removal of the ContactSkin® hair membrane.

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